Residencia silvestre / Cellers

Residencia silvestre/Cellers (RsC)

Submission of applications: 1 DECEMBER 2024 - 28 FEBRUARY 2025

Resolution: 15 MARCH 2025 / Stay: JUNE 2025

Galería silvestre opens a new creative space that provides artists with a place to work where they can stay and encourage their creative process, as well as supporting, promoting and helping them to establish connections with the gallery world.

Residencia silvestre / Cellers (RsC) supports critical thinking in its maximum expression and for those issues specific to a particular context, projects of common interest and contemporary relevance. Our purpose is to generate a place for creation located in an environment where the landscape can facilitate creative processes of any kind.

Residency / Workshop

Ca la Vane is a residence/workshop located in the pre-Catalan Pyrenees village of Cellers. A small place with an exceptional natural setting and a population of 13 inhabitants, with good connections, but without services in the urban centre. The residency provides housing/workshop and a space that forms part of the community, as an exhibition space for the result of the residency and its promotion. The duration of the stay is 1 month, determined in June, but with the possibility of flexibility according to the selected project.

The call is open to all subjects, artistic disciplines, forms, ages, nationalities. The selection of the project will be the responsibility of the directors of Galería silvestre, Vanessa H. Sánchez and Pep Antón Clua, and it will be chosen on the basis of the proposals received, as well as by their own invitation.

Guest Artist June 2021: Angie Jon

Artist in Residence June 2022: Katarzyna Pacholik

Artist in Residence June 2023: Maria Luísa Capela

Artist in Residence June 2024: Catarina Lucas

Documentation required

PDF file: "name_residenciasilvestreYEAR"

- Information about the current field of research and detailed description of the working process
- Specific project for the residency (optional)
- CV and Bio
- Useful links: website, Instagram, etc.
- Contact details
- Attachments (documentation considered relevant)

Send all documentation to:
Applications are accepted in Spanish or English

Deadline for submission of applications

From 1 December 2024
until 28 February 2025

Communication of the decision

15 March 2025

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